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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Stricter Speeding Fines in Force from today - 24th April 2017

Stricter Speeding Fines in Force

Speeding fines are set to rise this month with significantly harsher penalties for the worst offenders.
Motorists who are caught speeding will come up against a new set of regulations from 24th April 2017.  
For those a couple of miles an hour over the limit, nothing will change - but the big difference is a significant increase in fines for the worst offenders. 
A strict new set of rules coming into force from April 24 could see fines for those caught significantly over the limit increase by up to 50 per cent - from the current level of 100 per cent of the driver's weekly income to 150 per cent. These penalties apply to so-called 'Band C' offenders - those caught driving significantly over the speed limit.

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