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Saturday, 29 April 2017

SEN Coffee Morning, RMA Sandhurst - Mon 8th May 2017

Local Rotary Club helping Local Youth - would you like to get involved?

Suspicious incident at Pirbright - be security aware

Defence Community Police Officer
PC 4567 Simon Morris
Tel: 07557 582705
 Surrey Police – Non Urgent: 101  Emergency: 999

For the attention of all residents:

On Saturday 22nd April 2017 at around 1600hrs, a male called at an address in South Drive, Pirbright. The male was wearing a photo id card around his neck and stated that he was selling photographs. He showed the resident a sheet containing examples of photos.
The resident felt the male was possibly suspicious as he was trying to look over their shoulder and into the property.

The male left, called at other properties and then drove off in a Grey Citroen car derived van.
The male was described as white with tanned complexion, mid 30’s, 5’10”,slim build, black short hair and a gold tooth. He was dressed reasonably smartly in a shirt, black trousers and black shoes.

Cold calling is not permitted on military estates and should you wish to do so, you are perfectly entitled to ask them to politely leave.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Information on the MOD Referral Scheme

The MOD Referral Scheme is coordinated by JSHAO to assist some service leavers to get accommodation via housing associations.

Some housing associations ask JSHAO to nominate personnel as tenants for vacant properties. Being on the MOD Referral Scheme provides an additional route to secure housing.

The MOD have recognised that some service leavers have difficulty in accessing social and affordable housing. Through this scheme the donating housing associations are able to help people who otherwise may have problems being prioritised high enough to have a realistic chance of being housed by local authorities.

  • those who have difficulty proving a local connection
  • couples with no children
  • single personnel

Adapted and sheltered (both supported and unsupported) accommodation is also available through the scheme. Please ensure that any needs are fully explained on the application form.

The JSHAO does not have housing stock and is reliant on the goodwill of housing associations and therefore there is no guarantee that applicants will be housed through the scheme. JSHAO cannot estimate how many offers they will receive, when they will be offered or where the properties will be located.

All applicants are strongly advised to contact their local authority housing department and other housing associations and to consider all housing options in addition to applying for the scheme.

The JSHAO acknowledges that for some people getting a high enough banding to be housed is a problem but applicants are to maximise their chances of getting housing.

0.1 Eligibility

Applicants must be:

  • armed forces personnel within 6 months of their discharge date
  • currently occupying service accommodation, the Services Cotswold Centre or a hostel

Applications for the scheme can be accepted from service leavers, married or single, and from separated spouses living in SFA.

Single personnel are eligible until 6 months post-exit date. Personnel in service families accommodation (SFA) are eligible until they leave that service property. Please do not apply if you are ex-service or single and beyond the six months after your exit date.

If you own or part-own a property or are privately renting, you will not be considered for housing through the Scheme. Similarly, if you have sufficient capital to buy a property you are unlikely to be housed. Pensions and expected gratuities will also be taken into account when processing your application.

0.2 The application and referral process

To apply for the Scheme you need to contact the JSHAO to get and application for you can phone them on 01252 787 635 or email

When you send back your application you will need to include evidence of the date on which you are required to leave your service accommodation. For:

  • SFA occupants: a copy of the ‘Notice to vacate’ or ‘Certificate of cessation’ (provided by DIO within 6 months of discharge)
  • SLA occupants: a copy of MOD Form 1166 (available from Unit Admin Office)
  • overseas applicants: a copy of the ‘Certificate of cessation’ (available from the Station Staff Officer)
  • applicants following marital separation: a copy of the ‘Notice to vacate’ or ‘Certificate of cessation’ (provided by DIO at the start of the 93 day notice period)

All completed application forms should be sent to JSHAO. The address is at the top of this website and on the application form.

Your application will be acknowledged in writing and you will be added to our database for consideration when properties are offered to us.

We assess each property offer by allocation to a certain family size and we consider applicants who have the location as an area of choice.

Applicants are then considered by priority:

  • medical discharges
  • redundees
  • normal service leavers
  • early termination
  • ex-serving irregular occupants
  • separated spouses

The most eligible and highly prioritised applicant will be contacted and if they are interested in the property their details will be forwarded to the donating housing association.

Tenancy agreements are between the nominated tenant and the housing association. JSHAO and the MOD take no responsibility for the tenancy.

Applicants are restricted to one offer through the scheme.