Sunday, 26 March 2017

MoneyForce: Financial Advice for Serving Personnel

MoneyForce is the official MOD channel for money advice for UK service personnel. The website provides easy online support for service personnel and their families, to help them make informed financial decisions and plan their finances better, both while they are in service and once they leave the Armed Forces.

MoneyForce is specifically designed for the Armed Forces, to give service personnel and their families useful information and tools in plain English to make informed financial decisions that will have a positive impact on their future.

MoneyForce provides information on:
  • managing money: useful information on borrowing, saving, budgeting and spending, as well as planning for the future.
  • your career: useful financial information about different stages of your military career, including pay and career structures, allowances, managing finance as you deploy, assignment in the UK or abroad and making plans for when you leave the service.
  • life and family: useful information on managing life’s challenges, setting up home, marriage, divorce, children.
  • managing crises: useful information and guidance to help people through tough times, including debt and emotional issues, drug and alcohol problems as well as war pensions, compensation and bereavement.
  • debt: explains your options for getting out of debt and signposts to free, confidential help.
  • tools: a budget planner, a car cost calculator, a credit card calculator, a goal saving calculator as well as a home buying tool to help you make informed decisions and plan for the future; the MoneyFit Challenge takes you through various scenarios and gives you your own tailored action plan at the end
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