Friday, 13 January 2017

Online University Degrees in Management Are Now Available to Families

 gives military personnel the opportunity to study for a university management degree online.

Now, BA (Honours) in Business Management and a MBA (master’s degree) are being offered to family members who want to go to university but at a cost that they can afford.

These degrees are from the award winning Anglia Ruskin University, which is in the top ten UK universities for distance learning (see

By using military experience and a 2-part qualification, our distinct system allows Servicemen and women to gain eligibility points, even when they do not have sufficient academic qualifications for a direct application. The procedure has recently been adapted to reward military families, by crediting their unique experiences and extra responsibilities.

The better UK universities are well regarded by multi-national employers due to a combination of prestige, history, English language and world-leading research. We have a number of reports from studies on pay and employment success that support this fact and will gladly respond to any enquiry on ‘what can a management BA or MBA degree do for me?’

You can research both the university ( and its online provider LSM (, who will run your study programme.

Alternatively, you could just contact us by email ( or go to our website. Our brief is to manage your application at no cost to yourself but you will also benefit from our funding advice and support right through to your graduation.

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