Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Social Housing Opportunity in London

MoD Referral Applicants will be considered if they meet any of the following criteria:

§   Armed Forces personnel currently occupying Single or Families Service Accommodation and within six months prior to the discharge date
§   Armed Forces personnel and their families privately renting (six months prior to discharge only)
§   Veterans and their families, up to six months post discharge – still in Service Accommodation
§   Service leavers up to six months post discharge in hostel/temporary accommodation
§   Separated spouses occupying SSAFA or Services Cotswold accommodation

For more information about the JSHAO, please visit the website

Joint Service Housing Advice Office

Civilian:  01252 787574 or Military:  94222 7574 (Advice Line)
Civilian:  01252 787635 or Military:  94222 7635 (Referrals Coord)

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